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Bayda Institute was established in 2010  November –  upon the instructions of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, soon after her release – to undertake research and studies on socio economic issues, policy analysis and advice to aid and to support the pro-democracy movement and to engage in public education.

Bayda refers to ‘flower’ and ‘struggle for justice’ which formed the motto of the Institute that is committed to create a democratic and just society.

During the initial years, our activities included series of capacity building events across the country to equip pro-democracy activists with right kind of knowledge, skills and values. It also developed educational network, setting up libraries in many parts of the country. After 2012 by-elections, Bayda Institute was involved in training the newly elected parliamentarians which were attended by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi on various issues including peace process and on parliamentary procedures.

Working closely with NLD Leaders, ethnic minorities and CSOs across the country, Bayda Institute has been involved in research studies and policy analysis, organizing workshops and public forums on various issues like active citizenship, voter education, federalism, ethnic rights, peace process and national reconciliation etc. The institute also provided support to the parliamentarians supplying right kind of research input and policy analysis on several themes.

It is our strength that BAYDA Institute is well respected with very good reputation and got very good working relationship with State Counsellor, Government, Ministers, Parliaments, CSOs, NGOs, and International agencies.

In conducting various studies, capacity building activities and public engagments, Bayda Institute has been supported by a host of international organisations and local agencies. The following is an illustrative (non-exhaustive) list of agencies that supported our work during the most recent years;

  1. Joint Peace Fund(JPF),continue to support
  2. Euro Burma Office(EBO),continue to support
  3. Konrad Adenauer Stiftung(KAS),continue to support
  4. Forums of Federation(FOF)
  5. FELM/Common Space Initiative (CSI)

All these agencies and many more friends and well-wishers identify with the core values of Bayda Institute, its work and contribution to the agenda of democratic transition of the country.